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ClearVU360 brings a new revolution in B2B and B2C by providing digital technology tools to the Manufacturers and the Retailers to introduce their product to the market instantly. ClearVU360 will allow you to bring new brands and products to Retailers and Consumers quickly in every geographical location as well as help you implement long term marketing strategies. ClearVU360 assists retailers in reducing their infrastructure cost by demonstrating new products to consumers through the Kiosk. ClearVU360 assists in all aspects of business management by executing order processing in seconds, allows for inventory controls & flows in real time, reduces operation expenses and assists in time management by automated order processing and through digital communication between all entities. ClearVU360 is the ultimate solution from Manufacturers to Wholesalers to Retailers to Consumers.

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Products created with unique designs and high precision & quality will not bring business to the manufacturer until it is taken to the retailers or customers. ClearVU360 assists manufacturers to create a strong presence and identity in the marketplace and increases visibility that leads to easy recognition of the brand. ClearVU360 assists in enhancing influence in people's associations and feelings about the brand, to create a distinct identity and to build a loyal customer base.

ClearVU360 allows manufacturers to introduce their product to the market in seconds. It allows you to see orders in real time from retailers and wholesalers. ClearVU360 allows for trends to be seen to allow quick response time to market changes based on consumer needs and interest. All aspects of outgoing products are able to be tracked, including inventory on hand and logistics. All new product launches get into the hands of both wholesalers and retailers more quickly via the digital catalogs. Product marketing strategies can be tailored and implemented quickly to specific markets or customers.

ClearVU360 will help manufacturers to build Credibility.... Improve Company Values....Brand Equity..... and Help to Stay Ahead of Competitors. ...
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Retail Shops

ClearVU360 will help to promote the business of retail shops by demonstrating 1000s of products from several manufacturers. It will help promote products and services to customers through various channels of distribution in order to drive sales. It will assist in direct and indirect marketing of the products, driving customers to purchase products, either in-store or online. ClearVU360 will be able to attract customers and promote sales, discounts, incentives at the time of purchase, physical store displays, signage, and other in-store tactics to encourage shoppers to purchase. ClearVU360 has the capability of sending promotional materials directly to customers, such as emails, catalogs, and direct mail.

ClearVU360 allows retail customers to manage their order processing with customers and manufacturers & wholesalers by clicking on buttons. ClearVU360 tracks orders from manufacturers' systems and updates the status. It will connect and interact with main ERP solutions, mobile devices such as Tablets, iPADS and Cell phones.


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Tablet/iPad Solutions

A portable lightweight design makes it easier than a laptop to access your applications. Carry your application wherever you go. It's like having a mini office in the palm of your hands. You can efficiently manage your business at any time with our Tablet or iPad Solutions. If you are looking for a company that specializes in tablet or ipad app development, then Livftek should be your first choice as here at Livftek, we develop high quality result-driven apps that take your business to a new level. A high level of customization is possible with unique technical skills and designs to suit your business needs. Our applications can be built from scratch or can be enhanced as per the requirements. We do not only offer you Tablet or iPad app designs and building services, but we offer you and your customers a complete experience.

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Tablet Solutions

Tablets are nothing but pocket computers that have made our lives easier with its many applications. We develop different apps for tablets that offer your customers all the latest features and our apps are such that you are sure to enjoy maximum returns on the investments you make in developing these apps. Tablet apps are used by millions and millions of people all across the world and the number is increasing day by day. iPad tablets are expensive and hence, most people these days use android based tablets and we at Livftek, offer customized apps for android tablets as well.

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iPad Solutions

iPads are developed by the brand Apple and remain to be one of the most favorite consumer devices. iPad apps are highly functional and combine with tempting features. It consists, a lot of incredible tools and services to help you get up to speed quickly. The user interface is built around the devices multi-touch screen, including a virtual keyboard. Livftek is one of the expertized iPad application development companies and has a team of highly qualified iPad application developers and hence, they can fulfill all your requirements and wants based on your business needs so that you have an app that is robust and highly scalable. Our development team is amongst the best and their unmatched expertise and skill levels make them the best. With our iPad app development services, you can reach your target audience easily and conquer your market with the same. We at Livftek offers you quality iPad application development services that ensure that you have a grand entry in this highly competitive market even if you are new in this industry.


A single stop solution to run all your sales, purchase, inventory and production operations. After the deep thinking of the changing demands of business management, with support of an in-depth field research and clear forecasting, here we present the latest and sophisticated solution for business management. ERISWARE - MAGNUM ERP Solution provides integrated management of main business processes, often in real time and mediated by software and technology. Our ERP system tracks business resources like cash, raw materials, production capacity etc and the status of business commitments such as orders, purchase orders, and payroll. This application makes up the system to share data across various departments (manufacturing, purchasing, sales, accounting, etc.) and facilitates information flow between all business functions and manages connections to outside stakeholders.

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Container Management System (CMS)

We bundle everything that runs the App into a container to simplify deployment and management for greater agility and fast delivery. Erisware - CMS is a unique Container Management System to cater wholesale business to manage the container orders, a solution that reduces overall supply chain costs and an efficient way to manage logistics. Erisware-CMS gives complete visibility saving thousands of dollars in demurrages with control of all cargo at its various locations - the gate, in the yard, the container stack as well as on vessels or rail wagons.

Flexibility to generate orders against container size, manages the orders and its production period, monitor the production dates, better planning for managing the containers at the shipment, monitor the location of containers and orders, container release process, control system in carrier movement and transportation are some of the unique features of Erisware - Container Management System.

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Warehouse Management System (WMS)

Skip the confusion. Be hands on tracking activities of your warehouses in multiple countries using a single application. Our warehouse management solution is the synonym of solution, which provides you the key to control your warehouse management. The services that we provide to warehouse management are amazingly beneficial, irrespective of whether you run a single warehouse or a big chain of warehouses with lots of nodal warehouses across the globe.

Erisware - Warehouse Management System with its huge database and sophisticated technology enables the integration of all processes that matter for a perfect warehouse management. WMS, a fully Web based application, which helps to maintain the operations of a single or multiple warehouses located in different locations anywhere in the world.

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Erisware - Vendor Management System (VMS)

Erisware-VMS is a Vendor management system that facilitates business to manage, procure, and service vendor contracts. Erisware- VMS saves millions of dollars through controlled production methodology including order distribution, consolidated billing and significant enhancements in reporting capability.

Erisware - Vendor Management System(VMS) is set with some features such as requisition approval workflow, assisting vendors to monitor and manage their orders, management of production cycle and dates, up-to-date financial control & monitoring system, manage & control the order movements, availability of vendor performance metrics etc.

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Erisware - Customer Management System (CUSTMS)

Erisware-CUSTMS is a Customer Management System to track and organize its contacts with its current and prospective clients and customers. Documented and tracked client and customer communication with matrix to increase the business potentials.

Tracking of orders in finger tips, managing the business efficiently by analyzing stock availability, avoiding all accounting errors by monitoring payables, easy and highly flexible process to generate orders, monitoring individual orders from different departments are the noticeable features of Erisware-CUSTMS.

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